The Top 12 Eco-Friendly Products of 2021 From Amazon

Curious what eco-friendly products real people have used and which of those sustainable products are actually worth it?

Well let me tell you.

As we approach the end of the year, I thought I’d put together this eco-friendly products list of all of my top favorite sustainable products!

And all easily accessible from Amazon – yay.

If you need a little guidance on how to easily make your home more eco-friendly, check out the room-by-room guide below:

A lot of these 12 sustainable items would make awesome eco-friendly gifts for the environmentally-conscious person in your life. Or even the family member that doesn’t care about the environment. Because these items are just that awesome AND happen to support living environmentally-friendly! Win-win.

I have literally used every single one of these products (they’re straight out of my Amazon “orders” list). These sustainable products are the ones I loved! I did NOT include the fails. Yeah no…

Here’s a link to most of these eco-friendly Amazon products all in one place: go straight to the Amazon list

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of those links I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. They just help me keep Earthful Life running. I only recommend products I’ve used and love, or ones I’ve thoroughly researched. Thank you for your support!

#1. Reusable Tea Ball Infuser

I literally use this House Again Tea Ball Infuser every night – I’m not even kidding. As a part of my evening wind down routine I get comfy and cozy with a small cup of tea after dinner.

I realized that I was using a lot of tea bags. Of course you can compost the used tea bag if it’s made of filter paper, but the plastic wrapper and plastic tea bags just went in the trash. So I decided to make the swap to loose leaf tea that often comes in reusable/recyclable tin containers and this reusable mesh “tea bag”.

It works as well as all the great Amazon reviews say and it’s inexpensive (aww yeahh). This would make a sweet sustainable gift for the tea drinkers in your life with a fancy tin of loose leaf tea or a pretty tea cup… 😉

#2. Red Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbird feeders are a fun and environmentally-friendly gift to receive. I have loved watching all of the hummingbirds come to my feeder in my own backyard!

Support your native wildlife by feeding the local hummingbirds with this safe feeder that is made of red glass to attract hummingbirds. No need to use red dye in the sugar-water.

Another perk: dish-washer safe. So it’s easy to clean and just requires sugar that’s been dissolved in water. Voila!

I received this red glass bottle feeder as an eco-friendly birthday gift from my thoughtful mother-in-law. With it, I’ve seen as many as 5 hummingbirds around my feeder at once! My mom liked it so much that I got her this very similar vintage bottle feeder too!

#3. Rechargeable Headlamps

These are awesome. We have used these rechargeable headlamps many times this year and they have served us so well. We used them on every camping trip, which have all included walking in the dark at some point. We’ve even used them during multiple power outages this year.

They charge quickly and keep their charge for a long time (ours survived 3 day camping trips without recharging), they are ultralight weighing only 1 ounce, and have many light settings (including red light) going up to 360 lumens. They also come in three colors.

This reusable headlamp would make a perfect eco-friendly present for an adventurer, camper, dad, or preparer. Or grab yourself one!

#4. Reusable Floss Holder

Alright, I don’t know about this one as a gift…but you should definitely consider buying this useful & sustainable product for yourself or family members!

Bear with me here…

You’re supposed to floss your teeth every day, right? Well the plastic dental floss is so annoying to use and the disposable flosser picks are made completely of plastic and just get thrown away after one use.

So I made the more eco-friendly swap to this FlossGrip Dental Floss Holder. It holds your floss firmly in place so you can easily floss between hard-to-reach teeth. No more disposable floss picks. And bonus – it requires way less dental floss than it does when you twist the floss around your fingers.

I use this every single night. You might think it would get time-consuming to have to re-wrap the floss every time you use this, but it actually doesn’t take long at all. I’m always pleasantly surprised how quickly I floss every night.

I have really appreciated this less-waste product because it means I can cut way back on my plastic waste and it makes flossing so fast. It’s definitely worth getting yourself one!

#5. Biodegradable Peace Silk Floss

This sustainable product pairs perfectly with the reusable floss holder mentioned above. Yes, dental floss is typically made out of plastic. But…let’s be real – it’s like string. I’m not super worried about that being added to our landfills.

Howeverrr, it does come packaged in plastic containers which are a little bulkier. I am not a “zero-waster” but I figured this was a really easy sustainable swap that would not inconvenience me at all compared to buying plastic dental floss at the store. And I was right!

Not only does this biodegradable floss come packaged in a tiny recyclable and reusable stainless steel container, but it is actually made out of “peace” silk. That means this silk is made using non-violent harvesting and breeding practices. No silk worms are harmed or suffer – they get to live their full life. 🙂

The metal containers look much better on display in my bathroom that a plastic container would look.

I have a couple of teeth that are extra close so sometimes the floss can break between those teeth but other than the occasional breakage, I am able to floss just as well with this biodegradable floss alternative! And feel better about it too.

#6. HEPA Air purifier

Eliminate indoor air pollution, dust, pet dander, allergens, etc. with an air purifier! This is our newest Amazon purchase and I am so relieved to have less allergies now!

We chose the Levoit Core 300 because of its affordable price, its HEPA filters that capture 99.97% of airborne particles, and its quiet settings. Apparently other air purifiers can be very loud, but this one is quiet! I should mention that the highest setting is not as quiet as the lowest setting. But it even has a sleep mode which I definitely cannot even hear.

And its 360 degree design means it’s filtering from all angles at a wide range of 219 ft². There is a newer model that ranges to 403 ft² and connects to an app for better control if that sounds more up your alley.

#7. Bamboo Kitchen Dish Brushes

These bamboo dish brushes are a typical sustainable product because they are biodegradable and all parts are made out of eco-friendly materials: bamboo, natural plant fibers, and metal.

This dish brush set that I have comes with four replacement brush heads that easily attach to a long handle made of wood and metal. It also comes with a very sturdy brush with a short ergonomic handle (I use this for hard to remove food particles and on my cast iron pan).

Mine have kept up their shape extremely well and any time one of the brushes looks like it’s starting to mold or crack, I just compost the old brush and use one of my replacement heads. My last set like this lasted a whole year so it’s a reliable sustainable product to add to your eco-friendly kitchen.

#8. Solar-Powered Collapsible Lantern

Similarly awesome to the rechargeable headlamps, these solar-powered lanterns are even more eco-friendly and off the grid since they don’t even require an outlet or electricity. Just set them up under the sun or on a sunny windowsill for several hours to charge them.

These lanterns are collapsible in that you simply blow them up to inflate and then push all the air out to flatten them.

We attached ours to the back of your hiking backpacks with the attached strap so they could be charged more while we hiked.

This sustainable lantern is actually very bright and perfect for a group setting, tent, or power outages (again, I don’t know why we had so many of those this year…).

#9. Reusable K-Cup Pods for Keurig

For all of you fellow Keurig users, a simple sustainable swap you can make is to stop using the single-use disposable k-cups and opt instead for reusable k-cups.

These are the reusable k-cup pods we use in our house for our Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker. We just buy ground coffee beans and fill the k-cup before each use. Voila!

It’s a really easy swap to be more environmentally friendly at your office or to start making a more eco-friendly house. Each disposable plastic k-cup, on the other hand, won’t break down for thousands of years.

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#10. Stand Up Paddle Board

Out of all the eco-friendly products on this list, this XYLOVE CO Stand Up Paddle Board is the most fun and probably my favorite! It was actually my Christmas present last year and wow do I love using this SUP board!

I figured it counts as “eco-friendly” because it gets you outside and enjoying your local waterways. “Eco-friendly” doesn’t have to mean a product is reusable/recyclable or made out of eco-friendly materials (according to my own definition…). I think it can also be something that inspires you to appreciate the natural world around you, which can lead to making more environmentally-friendly everyday decisions.

Anyways, this inflatable SUP board can pack down enough to fit in my small car’s trunk. We enjoy taking the paddleboard to the nearest river or far away on camping trips to lakes. I can even attest to this one holding three adults at one time!

#11. Indestructible Goughnuts Dog Toy

If you or your friend have a dog that is somehow able to destroy every toy, you probably end up throwing away a lot of dog toys (and wasting money and resources).

This was our issue too. We tried out a lot of “indestructible” dog toys on our dog, but they were no match to our dog’s strong jaw.

Until we discovered Goughnuts. These super tough toys are made of natural rubber and are truly indestructible! Mind you, there are several levels of toughness. So if you choose one that is not tough enough for your dog and he is actually able to damage the goughnut, you can send it back to Goughnuts and they will send you another one for free (plus shipping)!

They actually use your returned toy to recycle the rubber and make more. So it’s a sustainable system.

This is the exact goughnut dog toy that our pup has: Tougher Pro 50 Ring. And I’m proud to say it is still in one piece today! But they also have other shapes and colors to choose from.

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#12. Non-toxic Laundry Detergent Sheets

I feel so much better about doing laundry now! Once I realized how many toxic chemicals I was sending down the drain to our waterways with my laundry wastewater, I had to make the swap to non-toxic laundry detergent.

I also made sure my sustainable laundry swap was going to be a plastic-free alternative too. So I started buying Sheets liquidless laundry detergent.

They work great on our clothes, are non-toxic, and are zero-waste! You can learn more here from the list I put together of non-toxic and zero-waste laundry detergent options.

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