From April through July, you can join me and many others as we learn a new sustainable/eco-friendly skill together each month!

This free challenge is called the Eco-Challenge

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Download my Free Room-By-Room Checklist & Create a More Eco-Friendly Home Today!

Feeling guilty about all the products in your home that are harmful to yourself and the earth? I totally get it!

I created this room-by-room checklist to keep you from being overwhelmed by all the “eco-friendly” options out there and simply start creating a more sustainable home for you and the Earth we depend on.

It doesn’t have to be complicated (or even perfect)! It can be so simple to start feeling better about your environmental impact with your own home and your lifestyle.

My own house is so much more sustainable and eco-friendly now & I am guilt-free because of it! Feeling more free and loving my home.

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