Eco-Friendly All-Natural Gift Ideas for Mom

Mother’s Day is around the corner and you want to get mom something meaningful that is also eco-friendly? I gotchu!

You can go directly to my eco-friendly mother’s day gifts list here. I gathered together most of these great sustainable gift ideas on Etsy. But some are just ideas for you to go buy locally.

By the way, I am including “plant moms” and “dog moms”! Hey, you can get creative for mother’s day, right??

These mother’s day gift ideas are either good for the earth (like planting a new tree) or they use materials that do not harm the environment.

natural canvas plant cover

Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:

Plant Moms:

Gardening supplies: If your mom has a garden (or even just a favorite rose bush), you can buy her gardening tools, organic soil, or organic heirloom seeds.

Garden starter kit: If she isn’t a “gardener” yet but she wants to get into gardening you can put together a “starter set” with some gardening supplies.

Seeds: Even easier for her might be a pack of wildflower seeds that she can scatter somewhere in the yard. She can enjoy their beauty and the local pollinators will be happier as well!

Indoor plant: Pair a unique indoor plant with a cute pot for a classic eco-friendly mother’s day gift. Or put together a windowsill herb garden with some of her favorite herbs she likes to cook with.

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Outdoor plant: Does she need some backyard landscaping work? Maybe you can buy a young tree and plant it outside together. Or give her a beautiful hanging basket for her balcony or back porch. Include some instructions or plant care information to help her keep it alive. 😉

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Plant-related gift ideas: What about sprucing up her indoor plant decor with a colorful canvas plant cover? Or gift her a You Plant We Plant tree pouch. This biodegradable pouch comes with seeds and the right materials to grow a tree that grows well in your area. With every purchase they also plant 10 trees for you in a developing country.

recycled ocean plastic as sustainable jewelry for an eco-friendly mother's day gift

Eco-Friendly Jewelry:

If the mom in your life would appreciate jewelry as a way to say “thank you”, this Mother’s Day consider giving her some eco-friendly jewelry.

There are some beautiful and unique pieces of upcycled or recycled jewelry here. From recycled paper earrings and repurposed ocean plastic bangles to recycled sterling silver studs, these sustainable mother’s day gifts are thoughtful and beautiful.

metal and wood wine glass charms

Wine Connoisseurs:

Help your wine-lover moms step up their wine game with these eco-friendly wine gifts.

You can get creative with gifts when you know what eco-friendly keywords to look for in online search boxes:

  • “recycled”
  • “natural”
  • “upcycled”
  • “zero-waste”

These keywords will usually lead you to sustainable products to give as eco-friendly mother’s day gifts.

So, here are some recycled stemless wine glasses, natural wood and metal wine glass charms, a recycled canvas wine tote, and a natural jute wine tote.

reusable bag with writing that reads, "dog mom essentials"

Dog moms:

Who said Mother’s Day can’t be used for celebrating dog moms too, eh?

Dog shampoo bars: You’ve heard of shampoo bars, right? Well they are made for dogs too! Get your dog mom a luxurious natural shampoo bar for their pooch. By skipping the plastic and opting for natural ingredients, this dog mom gift idea is good for the planet, dog, and mom!

Eco-friendly dog treats: bake some homemade dog treats using a dog bone cookie cutter or check out this award-winning sustainable BetterBone dog bone. It’s made of sustainable forested recycled wood fiber and renewable sugar cane oil.

Here’s another list I put together of sustainable dog items to gift the dog-lover or dog mom in your life too.

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glass bottles with natural bath salts

Sustainable Gifts for Any Mom:

If you’re still trying to rack your brain for more eco-friendly mother’s day gift ideas, try out these ones! Most moms could use one of these unique sustainable gifts…

Reusable Tea Infuser and Organic Loose-Leaf Tea: I personally love my tea ball infuser that I use several times each week with my zero-waste loose-leaf tea! This would make such a dainty and sustainable mother’s day gift too.

Other options are a glass tea infuser teapot or organic cotton reusable tea bags.

Reusable Shopping Bags: Some stylish reusable shopping bags can be an thoughtful gift idea that’s also practical. Especially a natural material shopping bag that says something cute! Like this “MAMA” canvas bag or this “dog mom essentials” bag made with recycled cotton. (FYI canvas is a biodegradable and natural material.)

All-Natural Bath Salts: These ones (from Dancing Turtle Etsy shop) are made of natural organic ingredients and packaged in glass bottles with cork caps and a wooden spoon. Here is another option that is also made from all-natural and eco-friendly materials: these natural bath salts (from the Natural Amor Etsy shop) are made from natural ingredients like essential oil and flower petals and packaged in paper bags or glass bottles.

Plantable Seed Paper: Seed paper is such a fun way to continue the life-cycle of used paper products and of course it’s fun to see the plants it grows when you plant it! Seed paper can be used as stationary, notebooks, invitations, really anything. Like this mother’s day seed paper card.

This plantable notebook comes with an eco pen that is also biodegradable. When the notebook is completed and then planted, colorful wildflowers will bloom. A completely zero-waste gift for her.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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