6 Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Show your father and the environment some love this Father’s Day with one of these 6 eco-friendly gifts for dad!

All of these green gift ideas are from Etsy. You can find my list of eco-friendly Father’s Day gifts and more on this Father’s Day list.

So first of all…what even makes something an eco-friendly product? 

What makes an eco-friendly product?

  • Natural materials that are biodegradable
  • Sustainably sourced resources
  • Reusable alternatives to disposable items
  • Recycled materials
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Produced in a factory powered by renewable resources
  • Recyclable products

Whenever you are trying to pick out a gift for a loved one that will have less of a negative impact on the environment, keep a look out for these specific sustainable materials.

Ultimately anything that is able to break down rather than staying in the environment for thousands or millions of years (like plastic) is ideal.

What are eco-friendly biodegradable materials?

  • Bamboo
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Genuine leather
  • Recycled paper
  • Natural wax (beeswax, palm, soy)
  • Cork 
  • Bioplastics (such as corn starch)
  • Organic cotton
  • Recycled glass
  • Metal: steel and aluminum

So here is your mini green guide for some eco-friendly gifts for Father’s Day:

#1. Wooden Keepsake Box

These masculine-looking keepsake boxes will impress your dad as a Father’s Day gift or gift box. Use one of these as a gift box that he can then reuse to store knick knacks or memorabilia.

You can even engrave the inside of the lid with a personal message for free with the WorldOfMemories Etsy seller who sells all of the boxes in the pictures above. These two two Father’s Day and motorcycle engraved options are my favorite, but there’s also a Dad’s Stuff box for a more generic green gift for him.

These plywood boxes are more environmentally-friendly than solid wood because plywood is grown in sustainable forests that don’t contribute nearly as much to deforestation. Additionally, plywood is processed in a way that greatly reduces the amount of waste that occurs compared to lumber cutting.

#2. Personalized Wooden Cutting Board

A personalized wooden cutting board is a great green gift for dad because it is entirely made of natural materials. This replaces the need for a plastic cutting board for the dad who likes to grill, cook, or spend time helping out in the kitchen.

This “Reel Cool Dad” wooden cutting board (from ForeverWeddingCrafts Etsy shop) is engraved to have every kid’s name hanging from a fishing rod. A perfect eco-friendly Father’s Day gift for the dad who likes to fish. This other custom cutting board (from WallThingsCo Etsy shop) gives you the option of personalizing engraving options like “Best Dad Ever”, “We Love You Dad”, or “Grill Master”.

#3. Recycled Paper Card

Write a heartfelt card to your dad for Father’s Day! You can add it to a physical gift or this can be your gift. Make it an eco-friendly gift for him by giving him a recycled paper card.

This Fishing Adventures Father’s Day card is made with eco-friendly ink and recycled paper from the foragepaperco Etsy shop.

The ZKDesignInc Etsy shop makes all of their modern cards from recycled paper and wrapped in cellophane, which is a natural alternative to plastic. These cards would appeal to any dad that enjoys to joke. My favorite is this Ron Swanson card.

 This adorable Fix Everything Father’s Day card is not made from recycled paper, but is packaged in recycled tissue paper. Since the card is made of paper, it is biodegradable and recyclable, so it is ultimately an eco-friendly Father’s Day gift!

#4. Natural Wax Candle

Another eco-conscous gift for Father’s Day would be a candle made of natural wax, such as soy or beeswax, packaged in a glass container with a metal lid (which are both reusable and recyclable). To make it the perfect green gift for your dad, choose one with a “manly” scent or witty saying.

This funny “Being my father is really the only gift you need” candle by JustaCandleCo comes in a glass container with a metal lid. The JustaCandleCo Etsy seller handcrafts non-toxic candles that are are petroleum, phthalate, and preservative free and made with sustainable soy wax!

A similar Father’s Day candle is this “Daddy’s Last Nerve” candle (from the LoganAndCoCandles shop). What makes this one a green gift for dad is its glass jar, metal lid, kraft paper label, 100 percent soy wax, phthalate-free fragrances, and lead-free cotton wick.

#5. Leather Journal

If you’ve got a dad who likes to write, take notes while working, journal, or keeps a backup notepad around, this leather journal with lined paper could be just the right (again with the puns) thing for him!

Every piece of this notebook is made of leather: the binding, straps, and covers. Leather is a natural and biodegradable material so this makes a very manly eco-friendly gift for dad. 😉

#6. Wood Father’s Day Card

A unique Father’s Day gift idea is a wooden card.

You heard me right! A wooden card.

This would (no pun intended) be a very appropriate card for any dad who likes to work with his hands, dabbles in carpentry or household projects. You even have the option of adding a card block so he can display this little piece of art.

This “World’s Best Dad” wood card (from HereAfterLA) is made with wood from certified sustainable wood. Since it is made entirely of a biodegradable material, it is also an eco-friendly gift too!

Happy Father’s Day shopping!

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