52 Nature-Inspired Baby Girl Names

So, first of all… What are nature names? They are simply names that are inspired by nature.

Nature-inspired names can either have direct meaning from a natural element or it may have an indirect relation to nature that is not as obvious.

Below are some nature girl name ideas of both types.

Keep in mind that some are also considered gender-neutral nature names.

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the back of a young boy and girl walking in tall grass on a nature path

Nature Names List (for Girls):

  1. Dawn – sunrise
  2. Lily – lily flower
  3. Willow – willow tree; from the willow grove
  4. Rose – rose plant
  5. Oakley – from the oak tree field
  6. Wren or Wrenley – wren bird
  7. Autumn – fall season
  8. Flora – flower or flowering
  9. Fern – fern plant
  10. Ivy – ivy plant
  11. Holly – holly plant
  12. Maple – maple tree
  13. Sunny – sunny
  14. Aspen – aspen tree
  15. Basil – basil plant
  16. Brooke – a brook or small stream
  17. Juniper – juniper tree
  18. Ember – a spark that is burning low
  19. Olive or Olivia – an olive; from the olive tree
  20. Rain or Rayne – rain
  21. River – river; stream of water
  22. Sage – an herb; wise one
  23. Savanna – plateau; open plain
  24. Skye – sky; cloud
  25. Stormy – impetuous nature; a tempest
  26. Amber – fossilized resin (from a tree)
  27. Crystal – brilliant glass
  28. Daisy – daisy flower
  29. Hazel – hazelnut tree
  30. Isla – island
  31. Jade – green gemstone
  32. Poppy – poppy flower
  33. Raven – raven; black bird
  34. Summer – summer season
  35. Luna – moon
  36. Fern – fern; plant name
  37. Coral – coral; marine invertebrate
  38. Fawn – young deer

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young girl sitting in a field of white flowers looking closely at a dandelion

Some girl names are indirectly nature-inspired. Here are some nature girl names with naturally-derived meanings that may not be as obvious upon first hearing them.

Indirect Nature-Inspired Girl Names:

39. Marlowe – driftwood
40. Mairin – star of the sea
41. Parker – park keeper
42. Harlow – from the rocky hill
43. Sierra – mountain
44. Ayla – oak tree
45. Aurora – dawn
46. Lauren – laurel (like the bay laurel plant)
47. Shana – lily; beautiful
48. Aurora – dawn; sunrise
49. Aria – lion (Hebrew); air (Italian)
50. Nora – light
51. Chloe – blooming
52. Hadley – heather meadow

a man and woman on either side of a small child all holding hands and walking on a paved trail surrounded by pine trees and mountains

There are obviously so many more girl names inspired by nature than those in this nature names list. So keep searching if you didn’t love one from this list!

Which ones do you love? Which nature names would you add to the list? Did I miss some obvious ones?

Let me know in the comments.

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