5 Unique Zero-Waste Beauty Products on Etsy

“Beauty products” and “the environment” aren’t usually seen in one sentence together. I would like to change that. Not all beauty products have to be made of chemicals or plastics that are harmful to the environment and you!

So I put together this list* of some ways you can improve your beauty routine, minimize your environmental impact, and support small businesses by shopping for zero-waste beauty products on Etsy!

*To find all of the environmentally-conscious beauty products listed in this post and more, go to my Etsy profile page and click on my “Beauty” list.

(Above: Natural and plastic-free lip balm by HoniBeez Etsy shop.)

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First of all…

“Is Etsy an eco-friendly shopping option?”

Yes! Look at all they are doing to reduce their environmental footprint:

  1. they completely offset their carbon emissions from shipping,
  2. they power their marketplaces entirely with renewable electricity
  3. you can choose to support sustainable small businesses that use recyclable, compostable, or reusable packaging.
  4. and they’ve made a pledge to reach Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030

Secondly… What is “zero-waste”?

Zero-waste is the goal or movement to shift away from our current system that produces so much waste.

Simply put, it is the prevention of waste reaching the landfills, but done in a way that conserves our resources, does not harm the environment, and uses a systemic approach rather than just managing the waste at the end of a product’s lifecycle.

#1. Zero-Waste Bamboo Brush

Start brushing your hair with ethically-source bamboo for a change from typical plastic brushes. This handmade organic bamboo paddle brush is made from naturally antibacterial bamboo and natural rubber. So it’s compostable. And in case you were wondering, it works on all hair types!

So many times eco-friendly products sold elsewhere will ship in plastic packaging, but this eco-friendly Etsy shop – Bamboo Switch – always ships plastic-free.

#2. Sustainable Zero-Waste Hair Ties

You and I both know that just like bobby pins, hair ties also seem to just vanish into thin air…

It’s always time to stock up on your next batch of hair ties, and this time you have a more environmentally-friendly option.

The Hippy Monkey Etsy shop sells these sustainable and functional hair ties.

Instead of the typical pony tail made of synthetic materials that won’t decompose, these are made of organic cotton and natural rubber. They are strong, stretchy, vegan, plastic-free, and biodegradable.

Who knew you could find such a thing as the perfect sustainable hair tie?

#3. Zero-Waste Lip Balm

Swap out your plastic-tubed lip balm with these fun-flavored zero-waste lip balms. They come in cardboard tubes that hold more than twice the amount of lip balm than a normal plastic tube does. All of the shipping packaging is plastic-free and even the labels on the lip balm tubes are recycled paper.

They are made with natural and organic ingredients rather than typical chemical-filled balms. And look at those fun flavors – there are over 25! I cannot wait to try out the Chai Tea, and Vanilla Latte.

This Etsy shop, called HoniBeez, is based in Hawaii and makes fun and unique eco-conscious bath and body products like these lip balms.

#4. Zero-Waste Dry Shampoo

Skip the toxic dry shampoo aerosol sprays and instead try this zero-waste natural dry shampoo. It is made of completely natural ingredients and packaged in these biodegradable paperboard shakers.

Since this dry shampoo is translucent powder, it works well with all hair types and colors.

The Esty shop that handmakes this product – Rainwater Botanicals – also makes other natural and eco-friendly beauty products like shampoo bars!

#5. Organic Zero-Waste Eye Serum

Instead of covering up dark eye circles with make up every morning, consider this natural and zero-waste solution. Andreas Organic Market’s Etsy shop sells this this dark circle eye serum made of a natural herb blend that has anti-inflammatory and skin lightening properties.

The zero-waste bottle itself is glass and cork and all of the packaging is eco-friendly. The packaging peanuts and tape are even made from plants and biodegradable!

Do you use any other zero-waste and eco-friendly beauty or bath products? Tell me about them in the comments!

Happy shopping 🙂

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