14 Inspiring Eco Friendly Gifts for Young Kids on Etsy

Looking for unique eco-friendly gifts for your child or sustainable presents that also teach kids the value of nature? Look no further because below are the 14 best eco-friendly gifts for children.

All of these gifts for young kids are made with eco-friendly materials, shipped in sustainable packaging, and/or meant to teach children more about the natural world.

You can find these and more eco-friendly gifts for children on my Earthful Life Etsy profile on the “Nature Kids” list.

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Insect Hotel:

^ Click the picture above for this pollinator house from the JCsWildlife Etsy shop.

An “insect hotel” or “pollinator house” is an educational get-your-hands-dirty kind of green gift that is entertaining, educational and environmentally-friendly!

It’s not only made of eco-friendly materials (bamboo and wood) but it also houses beneficial insects for your garden and the environment. These house-like structures are meant to provide a habitat for native insects such as butterflies, moths, rolly pollies/pill bugs, ladybugs, and plenty more.

The above large insect hotel is from JCsWildlife Etsy shop. But the GardenOutsideTheBox Etsy shop sells several more brightly-colored insect hotels and birdhouses including these small 1-roomed, large multi-roomed, and box-shaped 2-roomed houses.

You can use these to teach your kids that bugs can be good for the environment and can even help your plants grow by pollinating them. Some of the bugs that you will house in your insect hotel (like ladybugs) will also eat the pesky aphids that are harming your garden!

Animal Art Wall Decor:

Eco-friendly gift ideas for kids can even include those that inspire an interest in the natural world or teach about a variety of beautiful animals.

One fun way to do this is with a colorful painting or graphic for a kid’s bedroom wall.

These “Our Beautiful Earth” or “Love Our Beautiful Ocean” prints are a colorful and nature-inspiring gift for a child’s bedroom decor. Find more on the emmajayneonetsy shop. She even sends you the prints in sustainable biodegradable packaging.

Sea Creature Pocket Mirror:

Another way to celebrate an interest in sea creatures for your child could be these small pocket mirrors with bright-colored sea turtles and fish (also from the emmajayneonetsy shop).

Zero-Waste Fun-Flavored Lip Balms:

A sustainable way to give the child, niece, or granddaughter in your life is with a fun-flavored lip balm that comes in zero-waste packaging (from the HoniBeez Etsy shop). The packaging is plastic-free with their biodegradable cardboard tubes and recycled paper labels.

These lip balms use organic and vegan flavors that include fruity flavors as well as chocolate cheesecake and root beer, which can be so fun for a young kid to experience.

During the holidays these would make great eco-friendly Christmas stocking stuffers 😉

Wooden Animal-Shaped Coin Bank:

A coin bank or “piggy bank” is a great way to teach children about money and the importance of saving. But what about a coin bank that is made of sustainable materials, looks great in a kid’s room, and is in the shape of their favorite animal?? Awesome.

The WoodPresents etsy shop makes eco-friendly wooden coin banks in many animal-shapes, such as a bird, fox, and shark. As well as spaceship and letters of the alphabet. Encourage your children to recognize letters or inspire them to care about oceanic animals with one of these piggy banks.

This is an eco-friendly gift for 3 to 5 year olds when you can start to teach your children about saving money.

And besides the teaching benefits for your child, these coin banks are beneficial for the environment too since they are made from the sustainable materials of wood, organic glass, and natural oil.

Sturdy Wooden Kids’ Bedroom Furniture:

Put natural and sturdy wooden furniture in your child’s bedroom like this adorable house-shaped shelf!

These house-shaped wooden furniture pieces encourage the use of their imagination, add some fun to a kid’s room, teach organization, and do it all using sustainable materials. 

The Busywood Etsy seller uses all natural materials and non-toxic water-based eco paint and varnishes. They do not emit harmful substances and are non-allergenic. And they are also built to be very sturdy for the safety of your child.

Outdoor Experience Kit:

I consider a gift to be eco-friendly if it also teaches young children to appreciate and explore the outdoors. This can influence a life-long respect or awe of God’s creation.

Teaching children to steward the Earth can make more of a positive impact than the one item you purchased that was biodegradable (in my opinion). Just like teaching children in school about the importance of water conservation can inspire them to save a lot of water over their whole lifetime.

But you can also encourage this type of environmental education through outdoor adventure with an eco-friendly outdoor experience kit! And this one even made with eco-friendly materials! It is plastic-free and uses nearly all biodegradable components from the ForestFundamentals etsy shop.

Eco-Friendly Art Busy Box:

Inspire your little artist with an art box that is made with eco-friendly art supplies! You can do this yourself by putting together a little box of eco-friendly and non-toxic art supplies or buy a pre-made art box.

Some of the sustainable art materials in this pre-made art box are plant-based glue, rounded scissors made out of corn plastic, and beeswax crayons…and other supplies made of natural materials.

In fact, this whole Etsy store (KermodeInc) is sustainably-sourced activity kits and sensory bins. To find other sustainable art supplies (like recycled newspaper colored pencils) go to my own “Nature Kids” list on the Earthful Life Etsy profile.

Organic Natural Playing Dough:

I don’t know about you, but I loved playing with play dough as a kid. You can give a more natural alternative for kids (that may try to taste it or make a mess) with this organic natural playing dough. Using natural ingredients for playing dough makes it safer for children and the environment.

It is made with 100% organic ingredients, including organic food dyes. They come in plenty of colors options and can even have essential oil scents if you choose them for a multi-sensory experience.

All of the items in Mountain Mom Studio’s Etsy store are made of natural materials for kids.

Reusable Water Balloons:

I know…I didn’t get it at first either.

Instead of leaving behind bits of plastic in the environment from exploded water balloons, these reusable water balloons are an alternative to disposable latex water balloons. 

While they are made of polyester (which is not eco-friendly), their reusable functionality prevents the use of other more environmentally-damaging products (AKA disposable latex water balloons).

Here’s how these reusable water balloons work: with these crocheted “balloons”, you dunk them in a bucket of water and toss them at your opponent to soak them just like you would with the water balloons you’re used to.

They can be washed and dried and reused for more sustainable fun for your kids!

Organic Canvas Kids Teepee:

Give the environmentally-friendly gift of a fun and natural play place! This organic canvas kids teepee could be a unique eco-friendly gift for 3 year-olds and other young kids.

Tip Top Teepee Shop sells many sizes and styles of organic play teepees made in the U.S. They are made with natural materials that have no chemicals. You can set these up indoors or outdoors, and they even come already fully assembled!

Natural Wooden Build & Play House Building Blocks:

Give the sustainable gift of an indoor wooden play house that can be customized for kids all the way from 12 months to 12 years old. This Montessori play house is meant to encourage hands-on learning and collaborative play.

It is customizable so you can rebuild it into different structure shapes like tunnels and towers or it can even include a slide.

This play structure is made entirely of natural wood that is FSC certified (by the Forest Stewardship Council), meaning it comes from sustainably-managed forests.

The KateHaa Etsy shop is full of fun indoor play structures for kids primarily made of natural wood.

Lunch Bags Made of Recycled Water Bottles:

Instead of sending your kids off to school with a paper bag lunch (which is still better than disposable plastic – good job), give them a fun campervan recycled lunch bag!

These reusable lunch bags are made of recycled water bottles and have great patterns that any kid in your life will love.

The Potter and Hare Etsy shop that makes these lunch bags is  full of other eco living products for kids and adults.

Zero-Waste Kids Garden Seed Kit:

You can teach children how to grow plants to help a healthy ecosystem or how to grow their own food with a garden seed kit!

Yet another great educational and eco-friendly gift for kids. These zero-waste gardening kits for kids include everything they will need: seeds and seed tins, coco fiber pots, soil pellets, and wood labels. The SoSeedKits etsy shop specializes in sustainable seed kits – some for kids to grow flowers for bees and other pollinators!

Spend more time together, let them learn how to care for something, and teach them valuable gardening skills with the gift of gardening!

If you have the time, you can even put together your own veggie, herb, or flower garden kit too.

Which of these eco-friendly kids gifts do you like the best?

Let me know in the comments!

Happy gifting!

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